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Growing Old Pups: Can Dogs Get Forgetful?

Hey, dog lovers! Can you believe our adorable Eva is hitting the big 1-0 this year? As I flip through old photos, it’s heartwarming to see how she’s gracefully aged, with a face adorned by beautiful white hairs around her eyes and our walks have turned slightly slower. As our furry friends get up there in age, it’s totally normal for them to show some signs of aging. But have you ever wondered if dogs can get something like dementia? Well, grab a cozy spot with your pup, and let’s dig into whether dogs can actually get forgetful and what other signs of aging they might show.

Yep, they sure can! It’s called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), kind of like doggie dementia. It’s a bit like when grandma misplaces her glasses – our four-legged buddies can start forgetting stuff too as they get older. While not all aging dogs go through this, a good chunk of them might show some signs of cognitive decline (research is showing about 1 in 3 dogs over the age of 11 show some signs). The symptoms are relatively mild at the start, but they gradually increase over time. Unfortunately, it is not clear yet what is causing it, but our dogs go to similar changer as they age as we do.

Ever noticed your furry friend navigating the house like a puzzling maze or experiencing sleep cycles that resemble a topsy-turvy rollercoaster? These could be signs of CCD. Join us as we decode the hints that your pup might be dealing with a touch of forgetfulness and learn how to navigate these changes with love and care.

  1. Getting Lost: Ever noticed your old pup wandering around the house like they’re searching for buried treasure? That’s a sign of CCD. They might get a bit disoriented and struggle to find their way, even in their favorite spots.
  2. Sleep Mix-Up: Just like humans, dogs with CCD can have wonky sleep patterns. Some might turn into daytime nap champions, while others might become party animals at night, keeping everyone up.
  3. Social Butterfly to Loner: Your once social butterfly might turn into a bit of a loner. They could lose interest in playdates or snuggle sessions, or they might become super attached and needy.
  4. Accidents Happen: CCD can make house-training go out the window. Your pup might forget where the bathroom is, leading to a few surprise puddles indoors.
  5. Bye-Bye Hobbies: Activities that used to light up your dog’s day might suddenly become meh. Fetch, walks, or even a good ol’ belly rub might lose their charm.

As our four-legged companions mature, they might trade some of their youthful exuberance for a few well-earned gray hairs. But beyond the charming signs of wisdom, there are other age-related aspects to consider. From creaky joints to sensory changes, our senior dogs may communicate their needs in different ways. Below you can find some of the diverse markers of aging and gather tips on how to ensure your furry friend’s golden years are filled with comfort and joy. Let’s dive into the unique language of aging in dogs!

  1. Creaky Joints: Just like us when we’re not teenagers anymore, dogs can get stiff joints and arthritis as they age. Keep an eye out for slower movements, limping, or trouble getting up.
  2. Senses on the Decline: Fido might not hear you as well or see things like they used to. It’s not just a sign of them ignoring you – their senses might be taking a backseat.
  3. Dental Drama: Older pups can struggle with dental issues like gum problems or tooth decay. Brush those chompers and schedule some doggy dental check-ups.
  4. Weighty Matters: Slower metabolism might mean your pooch packs on a few extra pounds. Keep an eye on their diet and get them moving to avoid any weight-related woes.
  5. Immune System Slowdown: Senior dogs might not fight off infections as easily. Regular vet check-ups, a healthy diet, and some playtime can help boost their immune system.


So, as your dog enters their golden years, be a keen observer. If you notice them acting a bit forgetful or showing signs of aging, don’t panic. Regular vet check-ups, a balanced diet, and loads of love can make their senior years some of the best. Growing old is a part of life for everyone, even our four-legged pals, and giving them the care they need ensures they enjoy every tail-wagging moment!

Now, over to you, fantastic fur-parents! We’d love to hear your stories and experiences with your aging canine companions.

What quirky behaviors have you noticed, and how do you navigate the golden years with your furry friends?

Share your insights, tips, and heartwarming tales in the comments below. Let’s create a space where dog lovers can come together, exchange stories, and support each other as we navigate the beautiful journey of caring for our aging pups. Your wisdom and love make this community paws-itively amazing!

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