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Weekly column about living with a dog – 21 May 2023

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Fur-ever friends

Last week my husband suggested visiting one of the many dog adoption days in Dubai (#adoptdontshop). He saw an ad for The Petshop in DIP, which hosted an adoption and foster event on behalf of the Stray Dog Center. Going to this store is a little party each time because it’s big and has almost everything you could look for, for your pooch or any other pet.

As we drove up to the entrance it was clear we were not the only ones taking a look. The parking, and the road, were packed. After finding a spot at the back of the shop, we walked to the front. The hot sun pricked my skin. Summer is really coming back again…

While walking inside, we could hear the excitement and loud doggie conversations going on in the back of the shop. I could feel the enthusiastic energy bumping against the walls.

When we got closer, we could see two low fenced-off areas with little gates, to enter. Inside was a pack of dogs running and playing around. Some furry friends immediately came to the partition to sniff out the new people passing by. However, my eyes were immediately drawn to a calm ball of fluff next to the fence. Regardless of how many dogs almost trampled over her, people passed by and puppies barked in her ear, she kept snoozing in her own corner.

I carefully entered the gated area and walked up to her. As soon as I knelt down another dog came sprinting towards us, to get on board the attention train as well. Luckily for them, I have two hands. No one needed to miss out. The calm, snoozing lady enjoyed a backrub and some pets on the head but didn’t bother to get up.

That was until one of the puppies on the other side of the fence knocked over a bag of dog food. This immediately woke her up and she walked towards the bag. Hoping to find some kibble on the floor. Seeing her reaction to nothing but the food made me chuckle. Me too my friend. Food is life…

As I got out of the doggie playpen, my husband pointed out another dog. He was jumping, his front paws up against the fence. It was a genuine burst of happiness!

When I took a closer look, I found the cause of the excitement. One of the ladies of the adoption center was putting a leash on the dog. As she led the happy furball to the outside of the fence. He almost jumped into a man’s arms.

I felt tears pricking in my eyes watching them. Both had found their fur-ever friend. And it was clearly a love match from both sides.

As they walked out of the pet store, my heart was filled with joy. I understood how the man must have felt. And could only begin to imagine the joy for the dog. I couldn’t wait to get home to Eva and give her a big hug.

I wish everyone gets to find their fur-ever companion one day, because living with a dog is the best! Don’t you think?

Do you still remember your first time meeting with your dog? What was their reaction? What attracted you to each other?

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Thanks for reading and see you next week in another weekly column about living with a dog!

2 thoughts on “Weekly column about living with a dog – 21 May 2023”

  1. احمد شعلان

    كان يوما جديدا بالنسبه . فانا لم اختر مقابلته، لكنى وجدت نفسى امام خيار قبوله.
    لم تدوم فترة المراقبه، سرعان ما اعتدنا على بعضنا. كانت فتره تقارب رائعه.

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